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Annual Dues

When can I expect my bill for the yearly dues?
The TRPOA fiscal year runs from April 1 through March 31. The annual billing is sent out on or before April 1 with an April 30 due date.
How much is the annual dues? What does it cover?

The annual dues are $290 per lot/parcel. [A parcel is defined as a lot or lots that have been legally combined and recognized as one property parcel on the MS tax rolls.]

The TRPOA provides the community with the following:
Swimming Pool and Tennis Court*
Treasure Point Boat launch and picnic area*
Security card control / * access available to those members in good standing
Private Security Patrol
Professionally landscaped & maintained common areas
The annual fee funds the following: administration fees for the office staff, legal and collection fees, insurance fees, accounting fees, computer and technical fees, security services and cameras, pool maintenance and lifeguards, landscaping of entrances and lawn maintenance of common areas not maintained by the City of Pass Christian.
The annual budget and financials are available at the annual meeting and upon request.
Can I pay my dues on line with a credit/debit card?
The TRPOA accepts checks, money orders, cash and major credit cards only. The is a convenience charge for payments made using credit cards.
Can I pay my annual dues in payments?
Property owners who are experiencing undo hardship may apply to the TRPOA Board in writing, prior to the April billing explaining their situation with supporting documentation and payment schedule. All dues are required to be paid in full within one year.
What does it mean to be a Member in Good Standing?
Property owners whose accounts are current and are not in violation of any covenants are considered to be in good standing.
Combined Properties
Can I combine adjacent lots to reduce my POA dues?
Effective April 2008, Timber Ridge POA made allowances for property owners who combine adjacent lots, into one property parcel, to have their annual dues adjusted to a per parcel basis.
Please note, there are specific guidelines to have your property recognized for annual dues reduction. The property must also be recognized by the county for property tax purposes to be deemed as one parcel. All paperwork to support the completion of this process must be submitted to the office with the new property parcel number clearly identifiable.
Steps needed to legally combine properties in Timber Ridge:
1. Property owners must first apply to the City of Pass Christian for a “Certificate of Re-Subdivision”.
2. Once approved by the City the property owner must submit the “Certificate of Re-Subdivision” to the Harrison County Tax Assessor’s office and request a “Land Roll Change Request Form”. This form will have the Tax Assessor seal and identifies the lots, by parcel numbers, that are being combined and the “Parcel # to Keep”.
3. Once the POA has this documentation on file we can combine the properties in to one account for dues assessment purposes.
Security Access Cards (SAC)
Can anyone get a security access card? How many cards am I eligible for?
Only property owners in good standing are eligible for “two” security access cards for each parcel of property in which a house has been built upon. If a property owner owns multiple lots, but only one house, they are eligible for “two” security access cards. If a property owner owns multiple vacant lots with no home, they are eligible for “two” security access cards.
I am a renter in Timber Ridge. Can I use the swimming pool or the boat ramp at treasure point?
Security access cards are only issued to members in good standing. It is up to the property owners if they wish to extend this level of service to their renters. Provisions are made as long the property owner agrees and make their request in writing. Property owners accept full responsibility of the use of the cards.
Architectural Review
Will the Architectural Committee accept digital plans for new construction?
The Architectural Review Committee will gladly consider digital plans when a graphic scale is drawn on all documents. The ARC reserves the right to request a full set of plans when necessary.
How long will it take to have my plans reviewed and approved?
The maximum time frame is 45 days. However, the average time is much shorter and is dependent upon the complexity of the project. Once all documents are received, the ARC will begin the review process and render a decision in a timely manner.
Do I need to have my plans for my boat dock and boat house approved?
Department of Marine Resources has jurisdiction over all waterways within the City of Pass Christian and including Timber Ridge. Lot owners must meet all DMR regulations and obtain proper DMR permitting prior to commencing construction of docks, piers or boat lifts/houses.
How often are newsletters and or e-blasts sent out and how can I receive one?
Newsletters and or e-blasts are published regularly. In an effort to go “green” they are sent via e-mail to its members.
Members interested in receiving the newsletter via the US Postal service should contact the POA office either by phone, e-mail or click the tab “Contact Us” on the home page of the POA website.
Past newsletter can be reviewed on the POA website.
Can I advertise in the POA Newsletter or on the POA Website?
Currently there are no provisions for such activities. The POA does not promote one business over another.
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