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March 2018


In accordance with the Timber Ridge POA by-laws the POA membership overwhelmingly authorized the BOD to place 6 of the POA owned real estate lots up for sale. 221 members or 31.3% of those eligible responded. The proposition using a "closed bid" process and allowing adjacent property owners first opportunity to bid on the respective lot passed 9:1. Of the 6 available lots; offers were made on 5 of the lots with the POA accepting 2 of the bids. All offers were considered but only those that met or exceeded the appraised value were accepted. The 2 lots have since closed with an average sales price of $45,000. The four remaining lots are now being offered for "Sale by Owner", again using a "closed bid" process. Offers will be accepted in the POA office through May 1, 2018. 


See below for more information on the process, offering letter/bid to purchase and a map of Timber Ridge indicating the location of the available lots

Disposition of TRPOA Real Estate Process
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Offering Letter_Bid to Purchase POA Lot
Offering letter_2nd Round_website.pdf
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Lots for Sale_TR Map
TR_Map_Lots For Sale_Round 2.pdf
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Sunday June 10, 2018


Inside PCI Golf Clubhouse

150 Fairway Dr.



Be the Change You Want to See in Timber Ridge

Timber Ridge 2018-19

Board of Directors


In accordance with the TRPOA By-Laws Nominations for the 2018-19 Timber Ridge POA Board of Directors are being accepted for three open positions. Any member in good standing can throw their hat in the ring by simply notifying the election committee of their interest in serving.

Article II, No. 7. -   Before being considered a candidate, a member must be in “good standing”.  A member in good standing may be added to the ballot with notice in writing to the office within 60 days (April 11, 2018) of the annual meeting.


The membership is to be sent a notification by mail and or e-mail of proposed candidates selected at least thirty days (May 10, 2018) before the annual meeting.

In order to add your name to the ballot for the 2018-19 TRPOA Board of Directors please see "2018-19 BOD Bio" below or contact the TRPOA office at 228-452-7231 or poaoffice@timberridgepoa.org


2018-19 BOD Bio
BOD Biographical Information_2018.pdf
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February 2018          Board of Director's Monthly Meeting

                                     February 5, 2018 5:30pm inside the PCI clubhouse


Pass Police Chief Hendrick will be in attendance to discuss safety measures & concerns in Timber Ridge.  In order to accomodate the Chief and the holiday schedule ( Mardi Gras & President's Day) the February Board of Director's Monthly Meeting has been changed from February 12th to February 5th. 

March 2016

Copies of the Association's amended Restrictive Covenants and By-Laws are posted on the website under "Covenants & By-Laws"
Proposed Changes to the By-Laws & Restrictive Covenants
October 26, 2015
Ballots for the proposed changes have been sent to all members in good standing!
If you do not receive yours by Wednesday, October 28, 2015, please contact the POA office: 228-452-7231 or by e-mail
Ballots are due back to the POA office by November 28, 2015
Dear POA Member:
At the annual meeting in June the members present voted to table any actions on amending the Association’s Covenants and By-laws for 90 days for additional review. We are happy to report that the review has been completed. Ballots for the proposed changes to the Association’s By-Laws and Restrictive Covenants have been mailed to all members in good standing. The ballots presented are a result of the POA Board and POA members’ review, suggestions and collaboration over the past two years. We recognize that not everyone will agree with all of the changes. However, we do believe that after two years of review what is presented offers an inclusive and comprehensive look at the “old” versus the “new” language.
For those who cast their votes this past spring and wonder if you need to vote on the newly revised ballots, the simple answer is, Yes!
Copies of the current by-laws and covenants on file in the Harrison County Court house date back to 1979. Some items within the documents are outdated or no longer necessary. The format is poorly organized and in need of a general update. Individual amendments and changes since 1979 have been made but have never been incorporated in to a single document.
For instance, the 1979 Covenants in Article 18 provided that the Covenants can only be amended by an instrument in writing filed with the Chancery Clerk of Harrison County containing the notarized signatures of a majority of lot owners in Timber Ridge. After Hurricane Katrina; the displacement of the members created a situation where the Association was hindered in making decisions necessary to support the rebuilding efforts and to promote progress. In 2008, we petitioned the Chancery Court of Harrison County, Mississippi to change that requirement for amendments as it was virtually impossible to achieve. Judge Sandy Steckler, by Order dated March 28, 2008, deleted the requirement of notarized signatures of owners to amend the Covenants and that a majority of the lots subject to the Covenants and Restrictions agree to any revision. The requirement, as it stands now, is that amendments are authorized by a majority of 60% of the ballots cast either in person or by proxy for any proposed amendment.
Revisions and or inclusions such as this are important to bringing the by-laws & covenants up to date.
We respectively ask you to review, cast your vote(s) accordingly and return your ballots to the POA office no later than November 28, 2015. Anyone wishing to have the Board or any other member who is in good standing serve as their proxy may do so by simply filling out the enclosed proxy and return it to the POA office. Please, if you have any questions you may contact the POA office or any board member for assistance.


The October BOD meeting for Monday October 12 has been rescheduled due to the Columbus Day holiday and availability of Board members. The Board will meet on Monday, October 19 at 5:30 inside the PCI Club House.
September 2015
The Timber Ridge POA is taking steps to make our community safer by offering vehicle decal stickers and developing a Neighborhood Watch program.
The Timber Ridge POA is now offering vehicle decal stickers for all residents of our community.  Each decal has an assigned number that is registered to a specific vehicle & POA resident. The sticker is reflective & will shine when security and /or police approach the vehicle from the rear. This will make it easier to identify Non TR residents.
The program is optional and available at no costs. To receive your decal(s) you must have the following information for each vehicle:
The Year, Make, Model, Color, Tag # & the State the vehicle is registered in.
Residents can pick up their decals at the POA office during business hours. Accommodations for weekend residents or for those unable to make it into the office during regular hours will be made. Call 228-452-7231 or e-mail. poaoffice@timberridgepoa.org. Tenants need to provide proof of residency.
Click Here to Download the Timber Ridge Vehicle Decal Application!
Timber Ridge Vehicle Decal Application
Adobe Acrobat document [317.0 KB]
July 2015
Golf Carts in Timber Ridge
What are the rules?
All golf carts & low speed vehicles must be registered with the City of Pass Christian
Drivers must possess a valid Driver’s License or Learners Permit
Owner must show proof of financial responsibility (Liability Insurance)
Driver must obey the rules of the road
Number of people in a cart may not exceed the maximum capacity specified by the manufacturer
No person may ride on any part of the cart not designed to carry passengers
Valid Vehicles:
All golf carts & low speed vehicles must have basic equipment supplied by the manufacturer including rear view mirror and rear deflector
Vehicles without lights may be operated during daylight hours only
Vehicles driven anytime during dusk & dawn must have front & rear lights visible from a distance of 500 feet
For a complete list of rules & requirements click on the Golf Cart Ordinance link below.
Golf Cart Ordinance
Golf Cart Ordinance
Adobe Acrobat document [2.0 MB]
Timber Ridge Map with Permitted Roadways
Timber Ridge Map with Permitted Roadways
Adobe Acrobat document [1.2 MB]
June 2015
POA Members elect three to the 2015-16 Board of Directors.
Cathy Eagan, Elmwood Dr.; Ken McLaughlin, Basswood Dr; and Ronnie Sedlack, Birch Dr were elected to three year terms at the Annual meeting on June 7. The three new members will serve through the 2017-18 year and join the remaining 6 members in managing the business of the Association. Board members give freely of their time and expertise in serving the Timber Ridge community.
Members vote to delay voting on the amended By-laws and Covenants
A Vote to postpone voting on the TRPOA amended by-laws and covenants was passed at the annual meeting. The vote has been tabled for 90 days for further review.
Ballots for the proposed changes to the Timber Ridge Property Owners Association By-Laws and Covenants have been presented to TRPOA members in good standing.
Ballots for the By-laws and Covenants as well a Proxy form can be found under the Covenants & By-Laws tab. Ballots are due to the POA office by July 3, 2015. Anyone with questions can contact the POA office.
March 2015
Bulkhead repairs continue at Treasure Point
APRIL 2014
Consolidation & Revisions to TRPOA Covenants and Bylaws
by David Goff, Vice President
The Board of Directors has considered revising the Timber Ridge Property Owner’s Association Covenants for quite some time. We have been operating under the 1979 Covenants which have been in need of revision pursuant to previous actions taken by the Board and the need for a general update. I have incorporated the old Covenants, made many additions and some deletions. You will note that the format is completely changed and the Covenants are presented in a more organized manner.
The 1979 Covenants in Article 18 provided that the Covenants can only be amended by an instrument in writing filed with the Chancery Clerk of Harrison County containing the notarized signatures of a majority of lot owners in Timber Ridge. In 2008, we petitioned the Chancery Court of Harrison County, Mississippi to change that requirement for amendments as it was virtually impossible to achieve. Judge Sandy Steckler, by Order dated March 28, 2008, deleted the requirement of notarized signatures of owners to amend the Covenants and that a majority of the lots subject to the Covenants and Restrictions agree to any revision. The requirement, as it stands now, is that amendments are authorized by a majority of 60% of the ballots cast either in person or by proxy for any proposed amendment.
The Board of Directors has also considered some limited amount of amendment to the Bylaws of the Timber Ridge Property Owner’s Association. The Bylaws, as they stand now, may be amended at a meeting of the members by a vote of a majority of the members represented at such meeting.
To review the revisions click on Covenants & Bylaws then “Amended Covenants” and “Amended Bylaws”.
The TRPOA Board and general membership is looking for board candidates!
The TRPOA Board is seeking nominations from our members in good standing, to run for open positions on the 2014 board. The standard board term is three years.
The TRPOA, as an organization, has annual dues in excess of $300,000 and is responsible for approximately half a million dollars of assets. On behalf of our community members, our POA is responsible for the maintenance and repairs at Treasure Point and the boat launch, our swimming pool andassociated pool house, the running of security operations as well as maintaining and monitoring of security cameras, grounds and maintenance of our public entrances and other POA owned properties, our card access system and gates, covenants compliance and monitoring, architectural control, collection of dues, community events, life-guards, contract administration, contractor renewals, city liaison, membership liaison, accounting, property transfers, taxes, insurance, legal / law suits, accounting, staffing, newsletters, and general administration.
In addition, we have a very active capital enhancement / upgrade program underway that currently includes; repairs to our swimming pool, repairs to our boat launch and bulkheads, new community pavilion at Treasure Point, and upgrades to our community entrances. Each of these programs requires board member involvement in developing the project scope,receiving bids, awarding contracts and then monitoring the project.
For the past several years most of our board members hold down full time career jobs, and volunteer their time and effort to their TRPOA board as part of their spare time. The board meets formally once per month for approximately 1.5 to 2.0 hours. Occasionally, two or three times a year, the board will have additional meetings (i.e. on Saturdays) to discuss topics such as annual budgets, changes to covenants, annual meetings, etc. In addition, each board member is asked to take on the responsibility to oversee a specific area of the POA. These areas include things such as: Treasurer, Grounds and Maintenance, Swimming Pool, Treasure Point, City liaison, Security, etc. Depending on which area of responsibility, an active board member could spend an additional four to six hours a week on TRPOA business. Without an even distribution of responsibilities and effort among the nine board members, it is very difficult for the board to achieve the best results for our community.
The ideal candidate for our board is someone who has the time, energy, skills and desire to work with the TRPOA board team on the behalf of all of our members. Our community is very diverse; young families with children, single adults, grown families, retired couples, full time residents, weekenders, home owners, renters, golfers, boaters, vacant land owners, pet owners, joggers, etc. Many members have significant interest in several of our community operated facilities, many have a significant interest in the upkeep and beautification of our community, many have a keen interest in the security aspects of our community, and sadly a few have no interest in our community other than their own property and even more sadly, a few others refuse to even pay their annual dues.
The TRPOA board has a mandate to effectively and efficiently operate the POA in a manner that adds the most value to our community and our members. We are sincerely looking for several members that have the desire, time and energy to become a TRPOA board member by offering up your name as a candidate. Please contact the TRPOA office and a member of our Nomination committee will contact you.
Brian Kett – Nominations Committee
TRPOA SURVEY 2013 – 2014
The TRPOA is conducting a general survey to gather the opinions of the residents to get a better vision of making our community the best place to live and socialize with the amenities available.
Please take a moment of your time to share your thoughts as they are very important to us. click on the link below for your survey.
Timber Ridge Golf Cart Update
It’s Official… the Pass Christian Board of Alderman passed Ordinance # 629 allowing the use of golf carts on most streets in Timber Ridge.
Owners of golf carts that desire to operate their golf cart on public roads within Timber Ridge will need to submit an application for a permit. The application will request the owner’s address, Driver’s License, Make / Model of golf cart, Serial Number and liability insurance coverage, etc.
Only registered golf carts displaying a permit decal, with proper insurance coverage being operated by individuals with a valid driver’s license or learner’s permit will be allowed on public roads within Timber Ridge.
The TRPOA encourages everyone to operate their golf carts safely, and we also encourage all residents and visitors to adhere to our 25 mph speed limit on Timber Ridge roads, paying particular attention to golf carts near the golf course crossings, the pool area, and Treasure Point.
Golf Cart Registration & Inspection

PC Isles Golf Club
- Saturday, September 14, 2013 10 am to 2 pm.

Special registration to include inspection of the golf carts by the PC Police

City Hall – 200 West Scenic Drive – 228-452-3310 Monday – Friday 9 am – 4 pm
Golf cart owners will have to make arrangements with the PC Police Department to have their vehicles inspected.
There will be a nominal registration fee of $25 and a $5 per cart decal fee that shall be affixed to the golf cart once the vehicle passes inspection. Registration is valid for as long as the registering owner owns the vehicle.
Valid Vehicles:
Golf carts must have basic equipment supplied by the manufacturer including vehicle identification or serial number, all safety devices including rear view mirror and rear deflector. Golf carts without lights may be operated during daylight hours only. If carts are driven outside these hours they must have front and rear lights visible from a distance of 500 feet.
For a complete list of rules and requirements refer to Golf Cart Ordinance below.
Golf Cart Ordinance
Golf Cart Ordinance
Adobe Acrobat document [2.0 MB]
Timber Ridge Map with Permitted Roadways
Timber Ridge Map with Permitted Roadways
Adobe Acrobat document [1.2 MB]
Application for Golf Cart Permit
Application for Golf Cart Permit
Adobe Acrobat document [661.2 KB]
Opening of an RV Park outside of Timber Ridge and Road Paving
It has recently been brought to the TRPOA’s attention that the construction of a new 25 unit RV Park, referred to as “Asmard” or “Pass Christian” RV Park is now underway on Asmard Street. Asmard Street is located just north east of the Henderson Avenue entrance to Timber Ridge. Apparently this development was approved by the City of Pass Christian in 2012.
The TRPOA was not aware of this new development until earlier this month. This new development was brought to our attention when the owners of the new RV Park put a request into the Board of Alderman to ask the City to pay for new water lines and to pave Asmard Street from Henderson Avenue to their new RV Park. Asmard Street is currently a rarely used dirt road. No decision was made on this request at the Board of Alderman meeting although the cost of this work was estimated to be approximately $100,000. This would represent a significant portion of the City’s budget for paving roads this year. The FEMA sponsored utilities and street paving project in Timber Ridge is essentially complete. Although many of our community streets had underground utilities upgraded and the associated roads were newly paved, many streets within Timber Ridge received no upgrades and no paving. No more streets will be paved under this program in Timber Ridge.
According to the City, road work on our remaining streets will need to be prioritized along with the road work required throughout the rest of the City. According to the Board of Aldermen, there are many roads throughout Pass Christian that are in dire need of paving and repair work. The City budget for new paving and road repairs is limited, and only a small number of additional roads will qualify for work this year. Currently, and until the June municipal elections, Timber Ridge / Ward 4 has no elected Alderman. The TRPOA has discussed with both the Mayor and the current Alderwoman At Large, the concern that Timber Ridge still has a significant number of streets that require extensive repairs and new paving. The TRPOA wanted to ensure that Timber Ridge was being actively represented at all meetings on this topic, and that Timber Ridge roads would be prioritized to receive a portion of this year’s paving budget. The Mayor indicated that he would continue to ensure that the paving interests of Ward 4 / Timber Ridge would continue to be represented by him, until a Ward 4 Alderman is elected.
The TRPOA board has no position with respect to the construction of the RV Park on Asmard Street. Having said that, the building of this facility to house up to 25 non-permanent recreation vehicles / trailers down the road from the Timber Ridge Henderson Avenue entrance was previously unknown to the POA board and to the residents of Timber Ridge. Our main concern was that as a community, we wanted to ensure that Timber Ridge is allocated a fair share of the City road paving budget and that decisions to allocate significant portion of this budget to other projects is not made without Timber Ridge interests being adequately represented.


Posting of Election Campaign Signs within Timber Ridge
As noted in the TRPOA Covenants Section X.
No sign of any kind shall be permitted to be placed on the property by anyone except the fee owner. The fee owner may display to the public view, on his lot, one sign of not more than three feet square advertising the property for sale or rent. The restriction does not apply to signs used by a builder to advertise the property during construction and sales period.”
With respect to Election Campaign Signs, these signs are permissible within the TRPOA community during election periods. The election period is identified from the final qualifying date or 12 weeks; whichever is the lessor, through Election Day. No Election Campaign Signs or signs of any kind can be placed on properties owned by the TRPOA, such as our community entrances, our swimming pool area, Treasure Point, etc.
All Election Campaign Signs must adhere to Section X of the TRPOA covenants (above) including the following guidelines:
1. One Election Campaign Sign per property per candidate that pertains to the interests of the Timber Ridge community
2. Election Campaign Signs are not to be more than three feet square in size as noted in the covenant.
3. Election Campaign Signs must not be placed on vacant property or undeveloped lots without the prior written permission from the property owner(s).
4. Election Campaign Signs placed on vacant property or undeveloped lots, with the permission of the property owner, must not be placed in the public right of way. Typically the public right of way is approximately the first 12’ of the property facing the street. This allows City crews to perform their grass cutting activities.
5. Election Campaign Signs must be removed within 48 hours of Election Day. Failure to remove Election Campaign Signs will cause the property owner to be cited for a covenant violation.
Any Election Campaign Signs that are not compliant with this covenant and related guidelines are subject to immediate removal. As a courtesy, Election Campaign Signs removed for non compliance, will be retained at a TRPOA facility for a period of one week, although the TRPOA assumes no responsibility for the signs.
Thank you for your co-operation.


Golf Cart Legislation
On Monday, January 14, 2013 the TRPOA Board voted unanimously to support proposed legislation that would allow private golf carts to be driven on Public Street under a proposed House Bill (yet to be numbered). The City Council voted on Tuesday, January 15, 2013 unanimously to support the proposed legislation. Next steps are Representative Bennett will introduce the bill for consideration this session.
The proposed legislation allows for Gold cart (defined as four-wheeled electric or gas powered vehicles that as a top speed greater than 20 miles per hour but less than 25 miles per hour and that is equipped with safety equipment) to be driven on public roads and streets within contiguous Timber Ridge, Timber Ridge North and Timber Ridge Shores. The use may be limited to daylight hours unless the cart is properly equipped with working lights on the front and rear of the cart. The vehicles will not be permitted to cross West North Street or Henderson Avenue. Any person operating such vehicle must have within his possession a valid driver’s license or temporary drivers permit and proof of financial responsibility. Proof of financial responsibility is defined as General Liability insurance coverage for the Golf Cart as required by the State of MS. These vehicles will not be permitted in non-residential areas of Timber Ridge and may be required to register with the City of Pass Christian. The City will require a registration process for the golf carts for a fee this has yet to be determined. This proposed legislation does not apply to TRPOA authorized parades.
The TRPOA board of directors awarded a new security contract to Swetman Security effective November 30th, 2012.
As noted at the time,
Swetman Security is a long established premier provider of various security services on the gulf coast with more than 300 trained security specialists on staff, with well established procedures, reporting, supervision, and escalation procedures. Two locally hired staff are the primary security personnel that have been allocated to the Timber Ridge community. All Swetman security personal wear Swetman security uniforms when they are on duty and they are formally trained to perform their duties.
New temporary security signs, along with a new 7 by 24 security contact number (228-374-4528) are in place. The TRPOA is looking at all of our out-of-date signage and will incorporate the new security signs into our new designs. Given their experience and access to security data, the hours of security coverage will be modified seasonally based on daylight hours and data related to when security issues are most likely to happen. During the winter months, security rounds will be somewhat earlier. In other seasons, the hours will be adjusted for relevant factors. The initial gas powered security vehicle will soon be changed out for a brand new environmentally friendly street legal electric vehicle. The security vehicles will remain on site and will be parked at the community pool area.
Some of the changes you may have already noticed include things such as:
  • The new security contract ensures that the security personnel must remain on patrol within Timber Ridge during the entire period of the contracted hours
  • Patrol routes and times have been established to ensure coverage throughout all of Timber Ridge.
  • When the security staff are not actively patrolling our community, they are stationed at one of the main entrances as a deterrent.
  • Formal reports are now being received and reviewed.
The transition to the new security providers has gone very well, and there has been no reported security issues during the month of December.
The new security contract allows us to quickly add additional coverage or change existing coverage if that is required. It also allows Timber Ridge residents to hire Swetman services at a reduced contract rate. If a Timber Ridge property owner in good standing is in need of additional private security services to assist them at an event or perhaps to further ensure private security during an absence, they can utilize Swetman security at a reduced rate.
TRPOA Board of Directors
Disclaimer & Privacy Notice
Timber Ridge Property Owners Association * Pass Christian, Mississippi * 228.452.7231 * poaoffice@timberridgepoa.org * Copyright 2012 TRPOA

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